Hi, my name is Thomas Gautier


I'm a developer and software architect living in Lille, France. I love to use Elixir, Ruby and took a recent interest in Go.

I have been creating applications for the last 10+ years with a strong focus on eCommerce and APIs.

My main areas of expertise are Architecture, Distributed Systems and High Availability.

I'm strongly DevOps oriented and could not live without Kubernetes and Public Cloud Providers.


I'm co-founder and CTO at Fewlines, where we help individuals and organizations thrive in the digital era.

I'm a lead teacher at Le Wagon in Lille and previously in Paris

I'm involved in my local community through various meetups: Lille |> Elixir and Lille-FP. I'm also an organizer of Take Off Conference.


You can find me on Github, Twitter, Instagram and Medium or just send me a plain old email.